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Here it is not very hard to make your wireless network secure, which will both prevent others from stealing your internet and will also prevent hackers from taking control of your computers through your own wireless network. we will secure your MAC address, IP address, secure your WPA and WPA2 address. We will provide you taotal Wi-Fi security.With traditional wired networks, it is extremely difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the big problem with wireless signals is that others can access the Internet using your broadband connection even while they are in a neighboring building or sitting in a car that’s parked outside your office.The two main disadvantages of this is that, It will increase your monthly Internet bill especially when you have to pay per byte of data transfer and it will decrease your Internet access speed since you are now sharing the same internet connection with other users.


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The wi-fi should be fast enough to provide satisfactory performance over a network

We at IT Solutions & services have quality Wi-Fi solutions service.

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Good services.

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